Stops Along Route 66

Route 66 is one of the most famous road trip routes in the United States. This highway was built in 1926 as an essential improvement in The infrastructure of the expanding American West. Though the road has been decommissioned in favor of the modern interstate highways, this does not mean that the route 66 has stopped flocking with adventures to try out. Did you know that this route traverses across eight states? Imagine all the fun you will have along this highway. The drive is filled with historic buildings and towns that have stories that you will find unbelievable. Surrounded by the lush green environment on both sides of the road that will leave you breathless. The highway passes through the wilderness and you are bound to see wildlife on your way to your destination. Get to see the famous cattle walk in Texas or the oldest church in the United States in New Mexico.

All these adventures and more are just a drive away along the great route 66. So get yourself a good cargo box,  pack a few weeks of gear and set out on a real adventure.

Amazing caverns in Missouri
Get to have the experience of a lifetime by enjoying a jeep-drawn tram through an underground cave. This will make you feel like you are on one of those early 1800s movies. This cave was first discovered in 1862 and it is the only American ride through cave. The cave was once a famous place to house concerts and speakeasies. These days the cave offers unique and tourist kind of cruise along the ancient river and through the trippy red rock formations. While you are in you might want to check out the historic town of Springfield.

Get to see the amazing activities carried out in this small town. An interesting fact is that in this town most of the food sold in the grocery stores is organic foodstuffs, the town has a surging organic food movement. And who wouldn’t want a visit to the chocolate factory? I know I would love that very much. Springfield has a fair trade chocolate factory that is open to visitors and of course, you get a taste of the delicious chocolate straight from the factory. An interesting factor is that this town is known as the birthplace of route 66.

Blue whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma
Route 66 is known for its weird off the road attractions. From the world’s largest catsup bottle in Illinois to the wigwam village in California, the drive along route 66 proves to be even more interesting. And of course, the most random attractive feature is the blue whale of Catoosa. And your guess is right the whale is big and blue and will definitely catch your eye. The blue whale is in the middle of a lake and for some reason, it is the most attractive thing you can ever see. An interesting feature of this blue whale is that you can walk through it and have the most amazing stroll of your life. The big blue whale is an attractive site and it is featured in a couple of movies like the American pickers and an idiot abroad. Get to see this attractive feature among others as you enjoy the ride along route 66.

Cadillac Ranch, Texas
I’ve heard a lot about ranches but nothing like the Cadillac ranch. I mean whoever came up with this idea is a genius. The ranch has half-buried in the dirt brightly colored Cadillacs. An interesting factor is that this Cadillacs are laid out along the same angle as great Egypt’s pyramids that give them that unique and interesting feature. The Cadillacs are painted with bright colors and graffiti that make them have that unique artistic look. These days you are allowed to leave your mark on the Cadillacs. You can leave your own name, signature or a crazy graffiti that is uniquely you to prove you were there. Or even better take tonnes of pictures standing at the unique art feature.

San Miguel Mission, New Mexico
San Miguel mission church is one of the oldest churches in America. The Spanish colonial mission church is located in Santa Fe, one of the most stunning cities in the United States. Santa Fe is filled with historic monuments that have a lot of amazing stories. San Miguel mission church was built in 1610-1626 and if I still in great shape. The rest of the town is explored by foot and has an amazing historic feel to it. The town is also home to the oldest public building in the USA the palace of the governors which was built in the early 16th century.

What a better way to commemorate the art of history than seeing this roadside attraction. Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of this great nation christened the town in 1853 with watermelon juice. The reason behind it I have no idea. But along the route 66 highway, there is a great 24-foot high rail-splitter covered wagon. And who else on the driver’s seat than Honest Abe himself. The Guinness book of record named this wagon as the largest wagon in the world, so don’t miss out on this amazing attractive feature.

The interesting thing about a road trip is discovering the small towns along the highway. Gardner is an exceptional small town with a lot of history. There is a two cell jail that was built in 1906 to house wanderers who hoped out of the passing trains. Enjoy taking pictures in the cell jail and have memorable moments. Next to the jail is a streetcar diner that is an authentic horse-drawn street car that was brought to the town in 1932 to serve as a diner. Due to the streetcar surviving the weather all those years it is no longer in service but you can peak through the door and see the vintage interior décor. This will surely make your trip one to remember.

Route 66 has been on the map as one of the fantastic routes to use when on a road trip. And true to the word it has a million and one stops that will amaze you. Get to explore all the small towns, historic monuments and learn a lot about America.
All the best!