Guide to Ibiza

Ibiza guide

Ibiza guide


It’s that time of summer when all you want to do is find the perfect destination for your family and friends. What if you are tired of the normal tradition vacation trips with your family and you really need to spice it up and have a lot of fun this summer then Ibiza Island is the perfect destination for you. The night life and clubs in Ibiza are amazing you will feel like you are in Vegas. Even more amazing and breathtaking you will have that perfect view of the beach and the sunsets that will leave you yearning for more. This is the perfect destination for the newlyweds who want their honey moon to be all that glam and fabulous. If this is your first time in Ibiza then don’t worry this guide will help you answer any questions you might have and ensure that your will have an amazing time in this Island.

Geographical location of Ibiza
Ibiza is an Island in the Mediterranean Sea located at the east coast of Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and it is 150 kilometers from Valencia City that is approximately 93 miles. Balearic Islands are an autonomous community of Spain. If you are looking for that wild fun this summer then Ibiza is the place to be. Ibiza Island is known to be the home for electronic music and sick clubs that will definitely make your summer out of this world. This is the perfect destinations for you and friends and the perfect time to get freaky like never before. The people from Ibiza are mainly from Spain and the language that is spoken on this Island is Spanish. They also have tour guides who speak in English so not to worry if you can’t speak in Spanish you won’t be left out of the fun. It’s always nice to come prepared so learn simple Spanish sayings like asking for direction you never know when you might be in need.

Best time to travel to Ibiza
The perfect time to travel to Ibiza is during the summer when the climate is warm and you can spend most of your time outdoors rather than cooked up indoors with little fun. After all the main aim for you to come to Ibiza is to have fun and be outdoors with your friends and family. Summer time in Ibiza is from May to early October then the weather changes and the temperature drops. In early May you should expect to see some clubs open up and a few events being hosted. If you want to have all the fun in the world but avoid the hustle and the crowd then this is the perfect time for you to book a luxurious hotel.

By the beginning of June the Island starts getting busier and a lot of tourists show up at this time. Most of the clubs are open and start operating for 24 hours. If you are looking for a few days to party like crazy then visiting Ibiza from June to September will be a great idea for you. July is most especially the famous month in Ibiza because most of the parties are already scheduled and the clubs are overflowing. This sure makes partying more fun and lively. As July is the peak of summer this is the time when all the parties are super insane. Think pool parties from the morning, finishing off at the clubs with the legendary EDM DJs. Picture yourself having the most amazing sunrises and seeing the most breathtaking sunsets that leave your summer holiday an experience to remember forever. Most of the clubs have events scheduled for 24 hours that makes you to have a million and one options of the things to do for summer.

Places to go in Ibiza
Most people when they hear Ibiza they only think of the night life and clubbing experiences that is associated with the Ibiza style of leaving. But contrary to this Ibiza offers a million and one thing to do for fun ranging from jet skiing, yacht sailing, long treks, fly boarding activities to mention but a few. Spending your summers in Ibiza should be on your list this year and experience all the fun this amazing Island has to offer.

• Yacht sailing on the Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea has deep clear waters that are amazing for yacht sailing and let’s face it nothing says fun and luxurious experience than an amazing yachting adventure. Enjoy a luxurious voyage experience along the Mediterranean Sea with high quality yachts that are available for hire if you don’t have a yacht of your own and experience the Ibiza life.
• Traditional Ibiza folk dance
How will you say you went to Ibiza and you didn’t experience its old traditions? This can be easily achieved by seeing the performance of the folk dances in costumes to show you the real Ibiza fun. Make it an unforgettable experience by trying on the costumes and joining in the fun and dance. This will surely make it a memorable experience for life.
• Diving in Ibiza
I mean it’s an Island it would be a shame for you if you miss the diving experience. The Mediterranean Sea has the clear deep blue waters that are amazing and calm. Ibiza has over a hundred diving site for you to visit and have the experience of a life time. Imagine swimming with the fish in the deep blue waters and seeing all the amazing wonders under the sea. This is definitely an experience you never want to miss.
• Enjoy the amazing delicacy
This Island has amazing delicacies that you should try out. Squid being a popular dish in the Island that everyone dies to try out. You have to give it a go, squid stuffed with olives and stewed in wine that leaves your mouth watery after tasting the meal. The Island is filled with restaurants and they offer amazing foods that are out of this world.
• Nature walks and site seeing in Ibiza
You have to experience the environment and weather of this amazing Island. Ibiza has natural paths that wind through lush, beautiful green forests. The fantastic white beaches that offer the perfect ocean views are an excellent place to walk and breathe in the salty sea water air. Experience the traditional life of Ibiza by visiting the small villages that are scattered around Ibiza town. Try finding the hidden coves with your friends and this will definitely make your experience in Ibiza one to remember.

Places to stay in Ibiza

Ibiza has a good range of accommodation from cheap to uber luxury.  For those on a shoestring, camping is the cheapest option and there are a handleful of sites.  The site near Calla Bassa is our favourite!  If you are in a group, then look at hiring a villa.  The cost can be reasonable when you split it 8-10 ways.  We’ve previously stayed at Villa Can Petrus just outside San Antonio which was awesome and super chilled.

Have an amazing summer this year by experiencing and travelling to Ibiza. Ever had the saying party like an animal in Ibiza partying is the odder of the day. Change your norm and try experiencing summer the Ibiza style.
All the best!